Transforming Your Garage Space May Be Easier Than You Think

Your garage is fairly utilitarian by nature. It is a place to store tools and various other items. It might be a place to work on hobbies, such as wood working, restoring cars, tinkering with your tools, and for some, just finding a place to get away from it all. It may just be a haven!

Most garages are pretty basic when you buy a house, and the focus tends to be on the house – inside and out. But the garage can be an extension of the living space. A little organization, maybe some paint, and some easy-to-use roll-out flooring, and you can totally change the look of a space that you can really use.

How Roll-Out Flooring Can Easily Transform Your Space

Here are some reasons why you may want to add some roll-out flooring to your garage:

  1. To cover up old, stained, cracked concrete
  2. To protect your concrete or epoxy floor from getting stained by oil or battery acid
  3. A parking mat for your car
  4. To transform your garage space, wall to wall
  5. An easy-to-use solution to spruce up your garage space

Considerations for Roll-Out Flooring

Your flooring should be somewhat indestructible – it will take a beating.

PVC is a very durable material that resists salt (for those of you that live in snowy areas), battery acid (great for your parking your golf cart!), or oil for those classic (or not-so-classic) cars that may leak oil.

It should look really good! (That probably goes without saying!)

It can cover your whole garage OR it can serve as a parking mat for extra-large SUVs or trucks, to mid-size and small cars, golf cart, motorcyclesATVs, outdoor motorized equipment, or small oil drip mats.

Options for Roll-Out Flooring

You can cover your whole garage or you can use durable parking mats for all of your motorized toys. Roll-out flooring comes in a variety of colors, textures, materials, and sizes. See which options for roll-out flooring are right for you!

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