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Our goal is to offer a functional garage you don’t have to think about. Just park and let the day fade.

Upgrade Your Garage!

Your garage is more than just a garage. It’s a storage room, somewhere to park your golf cart, your snow blower, your ATV, your lawn mower… oh and your car. And sometimes it’s a place to park yourself. These days, your garage is your hobby place, your workout place – or just somewhere to get a little space at home. We can help you protect that space, keep it cleaner, make it look nicer.

Whether you are looking for a more polished look for your extended space with our roll-out flooring, or threshold seals to keep pests and water out, we have solutions to upgrade your garage. You can also extend the life of your tires and prevent flat spots during long-term storage with our Tire Savers. Or if you (…or someone else you know) need to know exactly when to stop so you don’t run into the wall, we have solutions for that too. 

We are trying to simplify everyday living, just like you.

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