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Pewter RoughTex Diamond Deck® Roll Out Flooring

Pewter RoughTex Diamond Deck® Roll Out Flooring

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Rough Tex Diamond Deck® roll out flooring protects your floor, while giving it that stylish rugged look. Simply roll out and you're done. 
Can be easily cut to any size, with a utility knife or scissors. Use as a parking pad or cover the entire garage floor. Resists oil, gasoline, brake fluid and antifreeze. 
Rough Tex Diamond Deck® is unaffected by battery acid, making it the ideal golf cart mat. Great for workshops, basements, trailers, laundry rooms, mud rooms, bathrooms, motor homes and camping. 
Perfect whether you need a temporary or a permanent flooring solution, that is tough, waterproof, durable and easy to install. 
Seams can be permanently sealed together, making them waterproof, with our vinyl backer and Oatey X-15 Vinyl Adhesive.

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